December 23rd, 2010

Sukeroku (Weekend Trip Part 9)

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Shiga prefecture has a town called ‘Shigaraki-cho” and it’s well known for their rich history of the ceramics called Shigaraki-yaki. My dad particularly likes Shigaraki ware and it was very fascinating for me to visit the places and the people that he’s known for a long time through his business this time.


This is a tiny little restaurant called “Sukeroku” in Shigaraki town of Shiga prefecture. My dad used to come here often when he visited this town on the business trips. It was one of the places my dad was looking forward to coming back to this time after many many years. They were supposed to be closed that day, but my dad phoned earlier and the owner kindly opened the shop and waited for us.


The owner is in his late seventies but he seemed so much younger. He took over his father’s business and kept the restaurant here. The menu signs on the wall are the originals except for the prices. A bowl of Udon soup used to be only about 50 cents!

妹がメニューを選んでるとこ。My sister deciding what to eat.


I ordered Chicken Udon soup. It was one of their recommendations and it was delicious!



Love this lamp shade.





The owner was hilarious and he had a lot of good stories to tell. (such as… about a guy who used to hang out at his place who he found out much later was a very famous artist, how he spent all his money on booze with the local students in one night when he won a lottery, and the charming episode when he met his wife, etc….)

It was a complete accident how my dad discovered this place first, but now I know why it’s been his little favourite secret spot ever since.




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