May 30th, 2011

Alexa’s Book (and lunch)





This is a photography book that my friend Alexa has just launched recently.

Her work is absolutely amazing. Every picture is breathtaking and makes me want to be in the space, wherever that’s in the pictures.

I feel so lucky to know such a talented photographer as my friend. I’ve been a biggest fan of her work since I first met her.

Her books will be available for purchase on her website soon.

She asked me to help her with filming her book the other day. She came over my apartment and explained how she wanted to shoot. All I had to do was to turn the pages like I would normally do while she was filming. (Yes, they are my hands in the video.) It was a very simple process and I like the result very much.


Alexa brought the lunch that she made for us.



Alexa’s “Kale & Avocado Salad” was so fresh and delicious.

With some sliced apple and cherry tomatoes, mixed together in olive oil, lemon and salt.

It tasted like summer.

Thank you, Alexa!




She also has a wonderful weblog called “a kitchen quiet“.  I like the way she sees the colours and the light through her lens, and how time flows in her frames.

(“Paris” by Alexa Kirsten Stroth)

(“Genoa” by  Alexa Kirsten Stroth)

(“Street Cleaners” by Alexa Kirsten Stroth)


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