June 5th, 2011

Nelson the Seagull











This is a new café ”Nelson the Seagull” that just opened last month, and I LOVE it.

I had heard so much about this place already, and I finally made my first visit with my friends the other day.

This place is absolutely stunning everywhere. I got so excited like a little kid as soon as I walked in. I was completely distracted by so many wonderful things and I had to look around and observe every beautiful display piece before I could order myself a cup of coffee.

Located in Gastown, Vancouver BC, this large, open concept café is very refreshing. The space has got gorgeous old solid details with enduring character. They’ve kept the original mosaic floor, and it’s very charming.  There are huge windows with lots of natural light coming in from the outside. The whole space feels very calm, comfortable, and relaxing.

They’re baking their bread, making sandwiches and soups, in-house picnic platters, fresh fruit, their own line of ginger beers and lemonades and keeping the prices affordable. They have the big couches, a nice-sized communal table, and a good taste in their vinyl collection as well.

The café is run by the very lovely people (Jonathan, pictured above, is one of them.) from South Africa.

They say, “We wanted to make a space where every meal feels like a lazy summer day spent with friends, leisurely snacking on simple but delicious food. ”

There’s a delightful lazy summer day waiting for you here always.



315 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC V6B

(604) 681-5776

What’s in a name? Nelson The Seagull is an obscure nod to Dawn & Des Linbergh’s 1971 folk-environmentalist track “The Seagull’s Name Was Nelson” (Listen), which grew in popularity and mythic significance for many South African’s during Nelson Mandela’s 27 years in prison; rising as high as #4 on Springbok Radio. (via Scout Magazine)


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