August 5th, 2011



7月9日、結婚式を2週間後に控えた友人カップル,クリスとジェンのために「スタグ(Stag)」「スタゲット(Stagette)」の合同パーティーが開かれました。これはいわゆる「バチェラ-・パーティー (男同士の場合)」とか「バチェロレッテ・パーティー(女同士)」と呼ばれる結婚式を迎える前に新郎,新婦が友達同士と集まってぱーっとバカ騒ぎして独身時代にお別れするというパーティーのことで、普通は男女別々に行うパーティーだけど、今回は合同パーティーになったのです。







Manatsu = In the middle of summer

A very special party was thrown for two of my greatst friends, Chis and Jen.  It was on the 9th of July, 2 weeks before their wedding, the weather couldn’t be more perfect for their delightful stag/stagette party on a boat. The boat was waiting for us at Granville Island and we went on about a 5-hour cruise from there. Everyone brought a lot of food and drinks (and the BBQ was pretty amazing!). Such a luxury to spend the summer afternoon like this, and I felt so lucky to be there to (pre)celebrate my friends’ new departure together.

This is what amazes me in Vancouver. Being able to feel like you’re on a summer vacation somewhere far away instantly. Just about an hour later I left my apartment, I was on a big boat already in the middle of the ocean being surround by the gorgeous view of the mountains and the blue sky. People here always seem to know how to make the lifestyle so easy and effortless, and my friends are excellent at that.

Maybe also…,

Wherever the good friends and the good food gather might just always be the best place in the whole world.

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2 Responses to “Manatsu”

  1. Shirley says:

    Hello Natsumi, sorry I haven’t left a comment in a long while, but I have been enjoying your photos! A little swamped at work but looking at your summer photos cheered me right up!

    • natsumi says:

      Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for leaving your kind comment here, always! I’m flattered. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer! I enjoy looking at your photos, too.

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