January 5th, 2013

Just a little walk

DSC_0605DSC_0632DSC_0608DSC_0609DSC_0602DSC_0613DSC_0624DSC_0629DSC_0627DSC_0616DSC_0618DSC_0621DSC_0622A morning walk before catching my flight.

No rush, empty thoughts were up in the air, only the kind breeze was there.

Hearing the sound of traffic far from my foot steps, I thought of home that was far away.


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3 Responses to “Just a little walk”

  1. beautiful photos! I am always so rushed before my flights! I am amazed you can spend time taking such gorgeous photographs. Lovely!

  2. meds says:

    the colour highlights in an otherwise quiet walk really made me smile.

  3. narumi says:

    Lovely photos ! I just came back from Tokyo, I went to Pool the little pottery shop I saw on your blog and I loved it :)

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