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March 27th, 2013

White Balloons


Again, I’d like to feature my friend Nathalee‘s recent art work here. I’ve been following her art work and I really enjoy documenting the process because her design is always so delightful and beautiful. I like all the colours that she gathers together, and especially this white theme is my favourite.

It was for an art gallery in Vancouver BC; Access Gallery, when they had an art auction event a few feeks ago. Here are some of the behind-the-scene shots before the show started.


Visit Nathalee’s new website here —–> Nathalee Paolinelli : Design/ Display/ Decoration

Access Gallery: 222 east Georgia St, Vancouver BC V6A 1Z7 Canada

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March 14th, 2013

Red Balloons


Some shots from a house party that Nathalee threw last month.

She put together such wonderful decoration at her place and I love how she always makes it so effortlessly, yet, it looks amazing every time.

Thanks for the magical night, Nathalee!

(I also love her kitchen space filled with lots of beautiful dried flowers (below). Sooooo nice. )


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March 13th, 2013

Nathalee’s Dreamcatcher

DSC_1065Some “Behind-the Scene” shots from a photo shoot I did last month for my good friend Nathalee = a super talented artist. We had a lot of fun that day. (She’ll be launching her new website soon. Looking forward to sharing more info here with you!.)



Some kids in the park started to gather around and helped us out while we were trying to hang up the big dreamcatcher. So cute!



Nathalee’s been making beautiful decorations for window displays, art galleries, music shows and such. Her dream catcher is one of my favorites. She has an excellent taste in design and her art is really who she is. So fun, delightful and joyful.

This is just one of the many photo shoots we’ve done together recently. More to share here soon! Stay tuned.

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March 9th, 2013

Thinking of…

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One of my favourite memories of summer that I spent a couple of years ago in Vancouver, Canada.

I thought about it today randomly when I found these old prints again.

Nobody was there but us. Just the wild nature and good friends.

The sun was hot. The water was gentle.

Only the waves were heard in the darkness of the night.

Endless summer, I think I miss you.

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March 8th, 2013

Snow and Blue

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It’s sunny today and the clear blue sky makes me wander…

I’m at my desk, seeing the snowy mountains from my window. The view is still and strong.

I wish I could feel the icy wind on my face and hands, standing right up at a mountain peak in complete silence right now.

(More photos from that day of snowshoeing in Vancouver BC here.)

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March 1st, 2013

Forgotten Photographs

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natsumi036natsumi038natsumi037natsumi044natsumi045natsumi043natsumi035natsumi034natsumi033natsumi001natsumi031natsumi030natsumi002natsumi003natsumi004natsumi029natsumi010natsumi005natsumi006natsumi009natsumi008natsumi007I’ve forgotten about these photographs that I took in Japan for a long time.

Suddenly the memory came back. I remember now.

It was Autumn there. My favourite season in Japan. Peaceful, almost too uncomfortably.

The yellow and orange leaves.  The persimmons were ripe, almost too old.

I felt the warm sunshine on my back, and I liked the cold breeze on my face.

So close but so far away at the same time.

Home is where your heart is.

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