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March 27th, 2013

White Balloons


Again, I’d like to feature my friend Nathalee‘s recent art work here. I’ve been following her art work and I really enjoy documenting the process because her design is always so delightful and beautiful. I like all the colours that she gathers together, and especially this white theme is my favourite.

It was for an art gallery in Vancouver BC; Access Gallery, when they had an art auction event a few feeks ago. Here are some of the behind-the-scene shots before the show started.


Visit Nathalee’s new website here —–> Nathalee Paolinelli : Design/ Display/ Decoration

Access Gallery: 222 east Georgia St, Vancouver BC V6A 1Z7 Canada

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July 1st, 2012


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May 9th, 2012

makié (pop-up shop Tokyo)





makié Pop-up Shop Tokyo

Location : Gallery On The Hill (渋谷区猿楽町18-8 Hillside Terrace F棟 1F)

(Hillside Terrace F-Builiding 1F, 18-8 Sarugaku-cho Shibuya, Tokyo)

期間:May 2nd ~ May 20th, 2012

時間:2pm – 7pm


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January 4th, 2011

Tougei no Mori (Weekend Trip Part 11)






This is “Tougei no Mori: The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park“.

It was built as a part of the people’s Recreation Land Project in Shigaraki (Shiga prefecture). The Park is intended to support various activities around the theme of ceramics, including artistic creation, training, and exhibitions.

Shigaraki pottery is known as a traditional producer of ceramic ware, hailed as one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.  It has thrived for twelve hundred years in association with the life and industries of the Japanese.

This park was founded on the basis of this history, and the aims of the Park also include the promotion of local industry and the development of culture through human, materials, and informational exchanges, interfacing with the world.

Located in the park are three facilities: The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, in which international trends in ceramic art as well as a variety of local works are displayed; The Exhibition Hall of Industrial Ceramics, which shows a full selection of the locally produced Shigaraki-yaki; and The Institute of Ceramic Studies, which gives training to promising ceramists.


The people were viewing the results of their ceramics that freshly came out from the kiln.


Next to the big kiln, there’s also a space for some small kilns and lots of bricks. The random colours and textures on the bricks create such an interesting mosaic-like patten together and I thought they were really beautiful.



信楽高校デ ザイン科の生徒さん達が実際に学校でデザインした図柄を椅子に絵付けをしたそうです。

These charming chairs are all ceramic! (There were so many everywhere in the park.) They were painted by the art students from Shigaraki high school.

–もっと写真を見る。See More Pictures.

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